Monday, 22 August 2011

Rising Storm by Ian Wisby

I am promoting this book for the author. A giveaway for this book is being planned so spread the word!!

Rising Storm

In 2015, Australia became a Republic, and elected its first female President. Four years later, Australia is attempting to establish a peacekeeping treaty with the Kingdom of Rajikstan, a war-torn middle-eastern country who has been sharing its nuclear power and military power with the Republic of Australia. But with the peace talks set in motion, a national security threat is brought to the President's attention. The Australian Anti-Terrorism Organisation informs her that the terrorist group known as the Al-Tareq, has stolen a shipment of weapons grade nuclear material on its way from Rajikstan to be used in the nation's newly constructed nuclear power plant. She is told that the terrorists are attempting to build a nuclear bomb using the stolen materials and abducting a key nuclear physicist. The President enlists the Australian Anti-Terrorism Organisation to find the terrorists before they can build the nuclear device. However, after an undercover operation goes wrong, the Al-Tareq terrorists manage to construct the device

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