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XLIII. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

XLIII. "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..."

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It’s time to get up to Speed; and Align with the Speed of Light!

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If you have been searching for assistance to reach a deeper understanding of Ascension and Healing while maintaining your Personal Power & Truth, then‘Aligning with the Speed of Light’ is a great place to find the wisdom you may have been craving.
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Aligning with the Speed of Light is written by Lee-Anne Peters; Visionary Artist, Motivational Teacher, Intuitive Healer and the author of Temple of Balance the book. Aligning with the Speed of Light is packed to the brim with Truth and Integrity, while magically interwoven with Love. Lee-Anne reminds us that we all have the ability to ascend in this lifetime as she offers practical ways to help you remain centered and balanced during the present time on Earth.
An easy-to-understand book covering fascinating topics such as:


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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Anathema – Megg Jensen Review for Sassy Book Lovers Blog

I honestly didn’t want the book to end. I started reading this book not knowing what it was all about.  (I wanted it that way)I found not knowing what the book was about was really good as it kept my mind open and more free and the images just flowed in my mind.


 The book came alive as I started reading and I could see the story like it was being played out right before my eyes. I love the way Megg wrote Anathema.

I enjoyed the way it was written as I felt like I was seeing the story from Reychel’s point of view but I could piece together things that Reychel took longer to put together.What I loved most about this book is, as how Reychel only knew the life as a slave and once she was set free she learnt more about life and at the same time the reader learns what’s happening as Reychel is finding out the way of the life and all about the “gifted ones.”

 The story is about a slave named Reychel and starts off on the day of her 15th birthday, the day she is to be branded. All slaves are branded on their 15th birthday with a mark of their master, this shows ownership and makes it so the slaves cannot leave and live free lives. She is a slave for Kandek. She has been a slave all her life and knows no other life. What gives a slave away is their bald head, which they shave every morning.

Reychel is to face the branding alone, as her best friend Ivy has gone missing. In Ivy’s place Reychel finds a token with the image of a baby girl and the word Anathema on it. Later in the story she learns the importance of the symbols on the token.

Reychel is seen by the other slaves as different as throughout her life as a slave for her master Kandek she is called to have private audience’s with the master, which is something none of the other slaves get. During these audience’s with her master Reychel aloud to see the outside world as she is not permitted by Kandek to see the outside world unless she is with him in private.

Reychel is saved from the branding by Tania who is gifted. She sets both Ivy and Reychel free and takes them back to her house where she lives with her husband Jon. Both Reychel and Ivy spend a short time with Jon and Tania as they have to leave quickly.

The girls travel to the next town where they live with Johna who is also gifted. Johna teaches the girls valuable skills to live as free people. The girls also learn that they are both gifted. Ivy learns of her gift when she first taken by Tania, Reychel however takes longer to find her gift.

The girls arrive at night which arouses suspicion with the guards. Mark who is a friend of Johna and also a guard happens to walk by the same time the guards come and question Johna about the girl she took in the night before. Ivy is taken with Mark but he has no interest in her. He has eyes only for Reychel which makes Ivy jealous.

Ivy catches Reychel coming in from a night with Mark and she gets quite mad with Reychel and leaves. Ivy’s departure hurts Reychel as she had lost her best friend.

After the departure of Ivy, Reychel discovers her gift and from that moment on her life changes. She now has to save her people and he needs to save herself from the clutches of Kandek who still searches for her months after she escaped her branding ceremony.

This book is well worth reading if you like a bit of romance and a bit of mystery. I can’t wait to know what happens in book two of the Cloud Prophet Trilogy. I give this book a rating of 4/5.

STRONGHEART –Don Bendell Review

**May contain Spoilers**


A son of both the Sioux and white worlds, Joshua Strongheart has two prized possessions-his father’s bowie knife and his stepfather’s Colt .45 Peacemaker-entrusted to him by his dying mother, who made Joshua promise to use them with honor and respect.


In the Colorado Rockies, Joshua falls prey to the coldblooded McMahon brothers. When they take his pistol and knife, they have no idea what’s hidden inside the money belt-crucial War Department documents, signed by the president, ordering a fair trial for Captain Jack captured chief of the Modic tribe. Now Joshua must recover both his birthrights and the secret papers-before violence erupts across the West…

This book is about Joshua Strongheart fulfilling a promise he made to a widow named Annabelle, to get back her antique wedding ring that was stolen when the stage coach both she and Strongheart were riding in was robbed.

Strongheart did much travelling throughout the book in pursuit of the nine outlaws who robbed the stage coach. He also gets many bullet holes in him during the pursuits.

I love the setting and you get the feel for the setting from the very first page. I love the way Don has described everything, he descriptions are detailed, but not too detailed. As I was reading I could see everything clearly in my mind like it was a movie I was watching.

I enjoyed reading about all the characters in the book. Strongheart is one amazing character as he lives through so much and there are many times when you think the hero is going to die. Annabelle is another amazing character, she starts a new life alone after the death of her husband/. She manages to start her own café and she makes it work. Living in a pace where there aren’t many women she surprised me how well she could survive in a harsh place such as the west.

This book is well worth reading if you love western books and movies and if you also like a bit of romance.

I can’t wait to read the next chapter in the life of Joshua Strongheart and Annabelle Ebert in Don’s next book titled Half-Breed.

I rate this book very highly with 5/5

The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood (based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland) Review

The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood (based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland)

Jessamine is a lovely 16year old, the daughter of Thomas Luxton, who is well known for his healing abilities. He is what the village people call an apothecary. They live in the ruins of Hule Abbey in the chapel that was once part of a great Monastery.

It is here that Jessamine tends to the many gardens that her father has for his medical purposes as well as gardens that provides food for Jessamine and her father. Jessamine also keeps a garden diary about all the plants she works with and looks after.

There is one garden she is not aloud to enter. The garden is locked by her father the garden Jessamine calls the apothecary garden. Her father is protecting Jessamine from what is hidden in the garden.

Jessamine and her father take in a boy who is about the same age as Jessamine, who is known as Weed. He has a special gift, one he does not wish to share with anyone.

I loved this book and was hooked right from the very beginning. I found it a very powerful story one of two loves. That of Jessamine and her father and the love Jessamine has for Weed. The setting of the story, being the ruin of Hule Abbey is wonderful because of the history mentioned in the book makes the reader understand how significant the place is for Thomas Luxton and Jessamine.

The part I really loved was the twist in the story, it was something I never expected and something that was right in the readers faces the whole time without realising what was happening. I liked the ending as it reveals the twist and as things are revealed you are taken back to the things that show how the twist is connected to what had happened.

I rate this book very highly since I was captivated from the start right through to the end. 5/5

Dragon Fire – Charles Ashton Review

**May contain Spoilers**
Puckel grants Sparrow three wishes: the ability to fly, to understand the speech of birds and beasts, and to take shape of any creature or thing. It is the start of an amazing series of adventures for Sparrow and his friends, as they seek to defeat the deadly dragon, to outwit the cunning Polymorphs, and to build a bridge to connect two parallel worlds.

The story is set in a backwoods village. This is no ordinary village though it is a village with no electricity but in every house there are televisions and lights that no villager knows how they work so they assume they don’t work.
The main characters of the story are Sparrow, Puckel, and Kittle.
There were many adventures had by Sparrow and his friends. Each adventure was new and exciting but each of the small adventures related to the one big adventure that was the whole story. The most enjoyable adventure I found was where Sparrow had to outwit the cunning Polymorphs.
The polymorphs are a very cunning creature. They magical powers and with those powers they can quite easily deceive a human. These creatures had taken something and put it someplace it didn’t belong. Sparrow learns about the way the world was created by the Giants and about the giants’ doors and all about the “The Secret Way of The Mountains.” Sparrow had to find the thing that was taken and he also had to find his friends who had been taken by the Polymorphs using “The Secret Way of The Mountains”.
I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked everything about it from the characters to the plot. The characters interacted well with each of the other characters. The plot was so interesting that it made me want to keep reading on. I found the transition from each book good because there was no explain of things that had happened previously. It just went straight into the next adventure.
This book is well worth reading if you’re into dragons and magic and putting things in their rightful place.
I give this book a 5/5 as I thoroughly enjoyed it.