Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stolen – Lucy Christopher Review by Tracey Panton

Stolen – Lucy Christopher

I was given this book by another avid book lover who didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t let that put me off. Before deciding if it was something worth reading i read the blurb. From reading that i was intrigued and decided it was a book well worth reading.

I really loved the setting of Stolen because it’s based in the desert where there seems to be an endlessness of nothing but red sand. The location is somewhere in the dessert in Western Australia and my being an Aussie it really took my fancy.

Stolen is uniquely written, in the way of a letter. It is a letter to Gemma’s captor. Gemma is a 16 year old London girl who is Stolen from Bangkok airport where she was going on holidays with her parents.

In the letter Gemma recounts everything she remembers from her capture right to the end where she is rescued. I found it to be an eye opener because of the way Gemma survived her ordeal. She had to adapt to her new life quickly or she would die.

Even though her captor never harmed her, Gemma was terrified and most of her time was spent thinking of ways he was going to kill her.

Near the end Gemma came to like her captor whether it was out of pity or she truly came to understand him. Through this Gemma’s emotions adapted to her surroundings and her feelings for here captor became confused. In the end she didn’t want to leave him the way she did but she later realised what he did to her was wrong and he needed help.

Stolen is a really great read. Even though kidnapping is wrong this book really shows the reader that people can survive their ordeal. It made me more aware that even though a person who is taken away from everything they know can adapt to survive.


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