Thursday, 1 November 2012

Greylands - Isobelle Carmody written by Tracey Panton

Greylands by Isobelle Carmody


Publisher: Ford Street
Publication Date: October  2012

Pages: 189

 Format: paperback

Price: AUD $18.95

Age Guide: 12+




One wakeful night in the aftermath of his mother’s death, Jack enters a land devoid of colour or scent. Here he meets the tragic laughing beast and Alice, a strange girl with a secret.

Will Jack escape before the terrifying wolvers find him?

Or is he destined to be trapped in the Greylands forever?
Only the cats know...




This book really made me look at grief in a new light. The metaphors are really great and once revealed it all makes perfect sense. My favourite metaphor is what Alice carries with her always. I never would have guessed what it was. It was one thing that really had me intrigued.


I got so involved with the story that when I reached “The Middle” chapter I remember that what I had been reading was a story within a story.


Isobelle has really done an awesome job writing this book. She really deserves a pat on the back for this great book that helps us understand how kids or even young people may deal with their own grief.



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  1. Sounds like a good book, I'll have to give it a go. Any book that can help a child through grief is a wonderful thing and worth reading.