Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood (based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland) Review

The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood (based on a concept by the Duchess of Northumberland)

Jessamine is a lovely 16year old, the daughter of Thomas Luxton, who is well known for his healing abilities. He is what the village people call an apothecary. They live in the ruins of Hule Abbey in the chapel that was once part of a great Monastery.

It is here that Jessamine tends to the many gardens that her father has for his medical purposes as well as gardens that provides food for Jessamine and her father. Jessamine also keeps a garden diary about all the plants she works with and looks after.

There is one garden she is not aloud to enter. The garden is locked by her father the garden Jessamine calls the apothecary garden. Her father is protecting Jessamine from what is hidden in the garden.

Jessamine and her father take in a boy who is about the same age as Jessamine, who is known as Weed. He has a special gift, one he does not wish to share with anyone.

I loved this book and was hooked right from the very beginning. I found it a very powerful story one of two loves. That of Jessamine and her father and the love Jessamine has for Weed. The setting of the story, being the ruin of Hule Abbey is wonderful because of the history mentioned in the book makes the reader understand how significant the place is for Thomas Luxton and Jessamine.

The part I really loved was the twist in the story, it was something I never expected and something that was right in the readers faces the whole time without realising what was happening. I liked the ending as it reveals the twist and as things are revealed you are taken back to the things that show how the twist is connected to what had happened.

I rate this book very highly since I was captivated from the start right through to the end. 5/5

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