Saturday, 23 July 2011

Anathema – Megg Jensen Review for Sassy Book Lovers Blog

I honestly didn’t want the book to end. I started reading this book not knowing what it was all about.  (I wanted it that way)I found not knowing what the book was about was really good as it kept my mind open and more free and the images just flowed in my mind.


 The book came alive as I started reading and I could see the story like it was being played out right before my eyes. I love the way Megg wrote Anathema.

I enjoyed the way it was written as I felt like I was seeing the story from Reychel’s point of view but I could piece together things that Reychel took longer to put together.What I loved most about this book is, as how Reychel only knew the life as a slave and once she was set free she learnt more about life and at the same time the reader learns what’s happening as Reychel is finding out the way of the life and all about the “gifted ones.”

 The story is about a slave named Reychel and starts off on the day of her 15th birthday, the day she is to be branded. All slaves are branded on their 15th birthday with a mark of their master, this shows ownership and makes it so the slaves cannot leave and live free lives. She is a slave for Kandek. She has been a slave all her life and knows no other life. What gives a slave away is their bald head, which they shave every morning.

Reychel is to face the branding alone, as her best friend Ivy has gone missing. In Ivy’s place Reychel finds a token with the image of a baby girl and the word Anathema on it. Later in the story she learns the importance of the symbols on the token.

Reychel is seen by the other slaves as different as throughout her life as a slave for her master Kandek she is called to have private audience’s with the master, which is something none of the other slaves get. During these audience’s with her master Reychel aloud to see the outside world as she is not permitted by Kandek to see the outside world unless she is with him in private.

Reychel is saved from the branding by Tania who is gifted. She sets both Ivy and Reychel free and takes them back to her house where she lives with her husband Jon. Both Reychel and Ivy spend a short time with Jon and Tania as they have to leave quickly.

The girls travel to the next town where they live with Johna who is also gifted. Johna teaches the girls valuable skills to live as free people. The girls also learn that they are both gifted. Ivy learns of her gift when she first taken by Tania, Reychel however takes longer to find her gift.

The girls arrive at night which arouses suspicion with the guards. Mark who is a friend of Johna and also a guard happens to walk by the same time the guards come and question Johna about the girl she took in the night before. Ivy is taken with Mark but he has no interest in her. He has eyes only for Reychel which makes Ivy jealous.

Ivy catches Reychel coming in from a night with Mark and she gets quite mad with Reychel and leaves. Ivy’s departure hurts Reychel as she had lost her best friend.

After the departure of Ivy, Reychel discovers her gift and from that moment on her life changes. She now has to save her people and he needs to save herself from the clutches of Kandek who still searches for her months after she escaped her branding ceremony.

This book is well worth reading if you like a bit of romance and a bit of mystery. I can’t wait to know what happens in book two of the Cloud Prophet Trilogy. I give this book a rating of 4/5.