Thursday, 22 September 2011

Greg Hair – Author Interview

Hi Greg,

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview for Tazzie Book Reviews.

Your debut novel Werewolf was an amazing read and I was honoured to be given the opportunity to review it for you.

Q1. What inspired you to become and author? Was there something from your childhood that made you want to write?

Writing this particular book is what really put the bug in me.  I had the idea and it wouldn’t leave me alone.  I HAD to put it down on paper.  What I remember from my childhood are two examples.  First, I won a contest, coming in first place in my elementary school, where you had to an advertisement for the upcoming Halloween festival.  Second, I remember my 6th grade teacher singling me out because of a Star Trek story I wrote.

Q2. Do you have a favourite author that inspires you? Or maybe someone in your life inspires you?

My wife and children inspire me the most.  They are the real motivation for me to keep going and continue trying to make it as a writer.  My wife has her own photography business and it’s kind of a little competition we have to see who can get the most fans.

Q3. As a writer do you have a favourite place that you like to write? Do you listen to music or have something else that helps you write?

No particular place, basically anywhere I can be alone, away from distractions.  I definitely listen to music, especially when writing certain scenes.  For example, it it’s a fight scene, I’ll listen to 30 Seconds to Mars’ The Kill, Smashing Pumpkins’ The End is the Beginning is the End, and Chevelle’s The Red.  Those are just a few.  I’ve already got particular songs picked out for the final, climactic battle, and what comes after, in the third book.

Q4. How did the idea of Werewolf come about?

From the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann in Portugal.  Being a father, I get very upset when someone hurts a child.  That’s how Landon Murphy was born.  The story was actually going a different route until I was best man in a friend’s wedding.  That’s how I met the inspiration for Ryker.  That’s also how the idea for the first chapter came about.  The wedding took place in that hotel, and that hotel room is the actual room the groom’s parents stayed in.

Q5. Did you base any of the characters from Werewolf from the people in your life? Or anyone from your past, growing up, people who may have caused trouble for you when you were in school perhaps?

Landon is me, I probably made that obvious when I gave him red hair.  But then, there’s just not enough redheaded heroes in fiction.  LillyAnna is based on my wife, while Ryker and Annelise were inspired by the groom’s sister and her boyfriend. 

Q6. What should readers expect from the next instalment; Werewolf: Ascension?

Well, here’s the tag line for it: The Stakes Have Been Raised…War Has Begun…No One Is Safe.  I will say though, that if there is anyone out there waiting for something to take place between Landon and LillyAnna, you get your wish.  And more.

Q7. When writing Werewolf did you do any research into the mythical creatures and the locations you were using in the story? Did you do any particular studies that helped you with your writing?

No research really into creatures.  I did, however, try to steer away from some of the traditional and newer elements.  I tried to make the vampires possible, like WHY drink blood?  What does that do internally?  I definitely tried to do as much research as I could regarding locations, but took some liberties regarding what you would find in that location.  Of course, I live in Louisville, so that was easy.  Burghausen, the German castle, is real, though there’s no garden like mine in it.  I’m doing the same thing for the second book.  Some locations include: Italy, Scotland, and Mexico.

Q8. When writing do you experiment with different styles till you find the style that best suits what you are trying to write?

I really like past tense, third person limited.  I pretty much stick with that.

Q9. When can we expect to see Werewolf: Ascension published?

Still shooting for a ‘by Halloween’ release.

Q10.What tips would you give to anyone starting out as a writer?

  1. Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.  2. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t, or shouldn’t, do it.  3. If you’re happy with the story, don’t change it.  It’s YOUR story (that’s why I like self-publishing).

Thank you so much for doing this. It has been a great pleasure. I am really looking forward to Werewolf: Ascension.

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    Kitty Bullard

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