Monday, 12 December 2011

Gerard: Le Garçon Vampire – G. M. Frazier


Diagnosed with cancer, and lured by the sales pitch of an online “vampire hunter,” Jack Trask has spent a fortune travelling around the world in search of the one being he feels can save him from a death sentence. Now, in the ruins of "Ransom," a plantation outside of New Orleans, Jack comes face to face with the creature he has been seeking for nearly a year. And it's not what he was expecting

What a mouth watering short story.

I really enjoyed this story about Gerard. Gerard is not a typical vampire; he’s just a ten year old boy vampire.

I was so entranced by Gerard’s story. I was so amazed at how young he was and yet he was so beautiful. He came from a well off family, but without his friend Phillip life was nothing.

He is a lone vampire one the Jack Trask really felt for. There was a connection with them from the start. Gerard started playing games but then he realized that Jack wanted to know more about him and how he ended up as a vampire.

How Gerard ended up as a vampire is still a mystery and I really like that.

Frazier has written a wonderful story, one that is told from a different angle, one that is quite compelling.

The news experts at the end were a great way to finish off. It made the story Gerard finish but another mystery began. The mystery of Jack had begun, why did he just disappear? Why, when he was dying did he jump on a plane and head for New Orleans? Those questions remain unanswered in the story but we as readers know his side.


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