Monday, 12 December 2011

Keizara Part One: Dean – XchylerComn

Keizara a world ruled by gods and managed with magic. A place where the people live as one with the world around them, wouldn’t seem like a bad place to get thrown into right? Well that’s what Emmett, Courtney, and Mac thought as well. Their parents sent their three children into their home land to get help, BUT they will soon find what they need cannot be given. What they need must be earned through years of tradition, and practice.

I really enjoyed reading Keizara Part one.

Everything in Keizara is based on tradition and practice and it really got me wanting to know more about the place and how their traditions are kept alive and how they are still practised.

Even though it is short so much happens and I felt it was enough to get the reader wanting to read more about the three children; Emmet, Courtney and Mac as well as the mystical place their parents sent them to; Keizara.

Not only do we meet Emmett, Courtney and Mac we also meet Dean who is the teller of Tomorrow and Sylver who is the keeper of Stories. I found Sylver to be an intriguing person as History and stories is something I love and he really appealed to me as he is the one who knows the history of Kiezara.

Keizara Part Two: Nimala should be another great read, one I am looking forward to reading. It will take us to meet more exciting people from the history of Keizara and hopefully we will learn more about the traditions and practises of Keizara.


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