Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven – David Roth

Their names are Lisanne, Josël, Kristof, Anton, Sabas, Dak, and Alyse, but they’re far better known by their travelling name, 'The Magnificent Seven.' Best friends for life, if you find one of them, odds are you’ll find the other six. Children of far reaching and vivid imaginations, their creative fantasies have taken them to such places as the circus, the Orient Express, white water rafting, and outer space. What always starts as an adventure in the real world quickly becomes an adventure of the imagination for them, with a mystery to solve.

This book is aimed at tweens. It was full of adventure, imagination and very creative fantasies. It reminded me of when I was a kid, playing games and pretending to be anywhere in the world on my very own adventure.

It was something I struggled to read mainly because it wasn’t aimed for someone my age to read. If I were back in my late primary school/early high school years I would defiantly have loved this book.


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