Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Aetherwood Chronicles: Volume 1 Episodes 1-5 – Vaughn Shepherd and Bunni Darling

An anthology of the first five episodes in the Aetherwood Chronicles, a lush, intriguing world filled with sensuality and the supernatural.

This anthology combines Episodes 1 through 5, including:
Davian and Starr - Episode One: "A Charm", Pheo and Silky - Episode One: "Aos Si", Blair and Dresdin: "New Friend, Old Friend", Davian and Starr - Episode Two: "Twisted", and Pheo and Silky - Episode Two: "Raising the Stakes".

This anthology includes scenes of graphic sex, and the episode Blair and Dresdin: "New Friend, Old Friend" includes descriptions of violence and torture.

 I didn’t go for the violence and torture, the graphic sex was ok, but it was the violence and torture in Blair and Dresdin: “New Friend, Old Friend” that really turned me off. I knew vampires weren’t all like those found in “The Vampire Diaries” or those in “The Twilight Saga” but these vampires were something I found disgusting and terrifying. The torture was cruel and inhumane. How any mortal could go through what they go through is well beyond me.

Davian and Starr’s story I could handle but I did find certain things that Davian did was a major turn off. Starr was an interesting character. It was only in the episode “Twisted” that we learn she is only a mortal who is a slave to a vampire named Ben. There is also a ghost in the story who Starr says basically raised her. That is something I found to be of interest as during the previous episode “A Charm” there was another conscious she was wary of.

 As I read through the episodes I found a love for Pheo and Silky. I really fell for their story at the beginning. It was one that stuck out to me because they are not vampires and Silky isn’t exactly a normal human. She is a Selkie, which I gathered is she is a type of fairy.

Pheo and Silky’s story continued on in “Raising the Stakes” and I was very disappointed.  I was hoping to learn more about the fae and selkie, but all Pheo and Silky did was have sex. It really lost my interest once it became apparent this whole episode was all about them exploring each other sexually.

All in all the sex really became too much for me.


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