Friday, 10 February 2012

Andrea's Review of Reclaimed by Kim Faulks


Author: Kim Faulks

Reviewed by: Andrea

Natalie was reluctant to take the job of guarding the mysterious and irritating Mr Ash.  She'd had a gutful of her sorry heap of an ex boyfriend, and wanted to make some changes in her life.  But the pay was phenomenal, and the assignment was short.  How bad could it be?  Natalie embarks on a journey of discovery where nobody, including herself is who she thinks they are. 

Reclaimed surprised me in many ways.  the central character, Natalie was believable and likeable, and I enjoyed makinng this journey with her.  Mr Ash, while mysterious, chauvinistic and emminently unlikeable commanded my attention for the first portion of the book, and I was very curious to see where the story went.

From halfway through the book, I feel obliged to give fair warning that it's an erotic suspense, and some of the scenes are quite graphic.  The party scenes built to a suspenseful peak in the book, and held my interest well.

For me the only real disappointment in the book was Malik.  I really, really wanted to like him, but in a shorter length novella like this one, there was little time to really get to know each character's motivations, and story, and in this case, it meant that I didn't really bond with the character, or what happened in the story after he arrived in it.

Still, there was enough in the story to keep me entertained and wanting a second instalment to see where they could possibly go from here.


Copy provided for review.

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