Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Frost Fire by Kailin Gow

Frost Fire

Author: Kailin Gow

Published by: Sparklesoup

Reviewed by: Andrea

Frost Fire is the sixth book in Kailin Gow's extremely addictive Frost series. The story here picks up immediately after the end of Midnight Frost, whereby the war between Summer and Winter Fey is over, and the Fey are united under Breena and Kian. The only problem with the happily ever after scenario is that the twin suns of Feyland have gone dark. And Feyland is slowly dying.

A group of determined individuals sets out with the blessing of the palace to restore the suns of Feyland, and for most, to use the quest to fulfil other needs they have not yet met. Logan, Shasta, Rodney, Rose and Alistair set out on a long and dangerous journey that tests not only their will to put right what is wrong, but whether they can conquer their own fears and inadequacies in time to save Feyland and themselves.

I must have been one of a very few people that was disappointed with the predecessor of this book, Midnight Frost. I was hoping that this story would put back some of the sparkle and high adventure I had been longing for in Midnight Frost, but never really felt the book delivered.

Frost Fire is definitely a return to the adventure and comeraderie I had so enjoyed in the other books of the Frost Series! The slow decay of Feyland teamed with the desperation of both the King and Queen of United feyland, and the band of knights who set off to save it made a powerful base from which to begin, and reeled me straight back into the ongoing story.

The adventure plot of the book also worked well, and the trek across a vastly different and sorrowful Feyland was suspenseful and had a very different feel to the other books in the series.

For me, the only (and very small) gripes I had was that firstly; another love triangle is set up almost immediately, and this felt a little forced. It may have been better to allow the characters a little time to grow together first before plunging right in.

Secondly, there were a few editing and grammar mistakes that could have been caught by a more thorough edit before release.

But these were very minor, and overall the book was one of the strongest in the series so far. Can't wait to read Spring Frost!


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