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The beach House - Helen McKenna by Tracey Panton

The Beach House – Helen McKenna

Publisher:  Joshua Books

Publication Date: 2011

Format: Paperback

Pages: 507

Category:  Fiction


Nothing much happens in the small Queensland town of Sunset Point, which is just the way the locals like it. So, when an outsider with grand plans threatens to demolish an iconic local landmark and build a huge resort, the battle lines are drawn.

Young journalist Jessica hopes to make it big with her coverage of the court case, but first she has to appease her editor and put a human interest spin on the situation. At first glance the five people she chooses to background have little in common; but it soon becomes apparent that staying at The Beach House has changed all of them in some way.

In telling the stories of Kate, Simone, Tom, Clare and Jack, Jessica too learns some important life lessons.


This book is filled with wonderful stories of people who have spent time staying at The Beach House. They have nothing in common bar the house itself. One thing that happens during each stay at The Beach House if life changing.

It’s beautifully written and inspiring.

At first it looked like a huge story but it’s not, it’s divided into sections where each of the five tell their story of their stay at The Beach House. It started off from Kate’s stay in 1994 to Jack’s stay in 2003.

There is great diversity throughout each story.

Jim Stewart is a life guard at Sunset Point and appears in each story. In Jack’s story Jim appears more and we learn a lot about Jim and his life at Sunset Point.


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