Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Maximus Black Files – Dyson’s Drop by Paul Collins

 Maximus Black Files – Dyson’s Drop by Paul Collins
Publisher: Ford Street
Publication Date: August 2012
Pages: 335
 Format: paperback
Price: AUD $19.95
Category: Science fiction
Age Guide: 12+


In a galaxy of cutthroat companies, shadowy clans and a million agendas, spy agency RIM barely wields enough control to keep order.
Maximus Black is RIM’s star cadet. But he has a problem. One of RIM’s best agents, Anneke Longshadow, knows there’s a mole in the organisation.
And Maximus has a lot to hide...


An outstanding galactic read by Paul Collins.  Action and suspense filled Dyson’s Drop.

Dyson’s Drop is the second instalment in the Maximus Black Files.

I haven’t had the chance to read  MOLE HUNT the first instalment of The Maximus Black files, I thought I’d struggle to catch the main thread of the story but I found the opposite. I had no trouble reading Dyson’s Drop. I felt it easy to read and full of great adventure, I soon caught on to what had happened in MOLE HUNT. 

Travelling through n-space is what reminds me of  the way Jack O’Niell and his team travelled through the Stargate on the television series Stargate-SG1 featuring Richard Dean Anderson.

An amazing and intriguing character  was the Envoy. He seems sneaky and yet so wise. He’s a seer and he can obviously see great potential in both Maximus and Anneke. The Envoy appears to be mysterious, he only tells Maximus what he needs to know. There is more to the Envoy than you first see. It’ll be interesting to read what he does in the next instalment of the Maximus Black Files titled IL KEDRA.

Technology is really advanced in The Maximus Black Files. You really get the sense that it could one day be here on our planet.
This has to be the best believable science fiction books I have read (not that I have read heaps of them!)

IL KEDRA is going to be another great book and one I look forward to reading!!


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