Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Blood Storm - Rhinnon Hart

Blood Storm – Rhiannon Hart

Publisher: Random House Australia
Publication Date:  1 August 2012

Pages: 364

Format: paperback and ebook

Price: AUD $18.95

Category: Young Adults


The rain wanted to be ocean; the ice in the mountain caps wanted freedom. The clouds above my head rumbled like a growling wolf, impatient to release their burden. I turned to Renata, heard her gasp and knew my eyes glowed blue.

I spoke a single word. ‘Rain’

Zeraphina and Rodden have defeated the Lharmellin leader, but could the rest of the vicious creatures still be active? The two travel across the sea in search of the elusive ingredients that will help them to destroy the Lharmellins once and for all. Along the way, shadows from Rodden’s dark past come back to haunt him and Zeraphina must grapple with something more terrifying than her hunger for the north: her mother’s determination to see her wayward daughter married to a prince at all costs.


WOW! Such a mesmerizing read. Rhiannon Hart has written yet another enticing read.

This series just keeps on getting better. Stephanie Meyer had better watch out, this is by far a more enthralling read than Twilight.

There is so much darkness throughout  the book but the romance that is stirring between Princess Zeraphina and Rodden really makes for a juicy read.

Zeraphina becomes more than just a princess, she does things a respectable royal would not, she goes travelling the countryside alone with Rodden, who is seen by most as a commoner. From this I caught that Zeraphina doesn’t want to be seen as just a princess, she actually wants yo help the people of Brivora. The feeling of sitting in a thrown bore no interest to Zeraphina because you can’t see what people need by staying in a castle and not visiting the people under your rule.

I was totally captivated by both Blood Song and Blood Storm I  can’t wait to see what Hart has in store for us in the next book of the Lharmell series.


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