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The William S Club by Riley Banks

The William S Club Written by Riley Banks


Publication Date:  8th September 2012

ISBN: 1479289183

Pages: 325

 Format: paperback

Publisher: Aussieicon Books

Category:  Adult

Age: 18+



A beautiful Australian journalist who changed her name and fled her homeland. A billionaire property magnate who dredges up her tortured past. An elite club with a secret they have killed to protect.

Sydney is the one place Charlotte Burke swore she'd never return but The William S Club have other plans.

Lust, sex, violence, blackmail and even murder, they will stop at nothing to keep their secret hidden, pushing Charlotte and the other players towards their dangerous end-game.



I have to say The William S Club  had so much in it I never expected.

When I started reading I was very excited to be reading a book by a local Tasmanian Author.

I reached the middle of the book and I started loosing interest. For me the sex, lust and violence really put me off reading, However I was very determined finish reading.
The main story for me was that of Charlotte Burke and Damon. It really made me want to read and to know what happened between them.


If you are a fan of sex, lust and violence this is a great book for you. It has some romance which I liked as it was in a way hidden within the main aspect of the story.


The William S Club  is full of lots of secrets and once you start reading you’ll not want to put it down as you just have to know the secrets.

I would love to rate this higher, as I loved how well it’s written and the main story is amazing.

Don’t let the sex and violence put you off like it did me as it’s a fantastic read once you take those parts away.





About the Author

Riley Banks began writing in high school, penning short stories for her friends and family. She has travelled the world with her husband and children, living in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

In 2010, Riley and her family moved back home to Australia. After a decade of living the pampered life of an expatriate wife, the normality of suburban living, housework and returning to full time work was a harsh crash landing back into reality.

In early 2012, Riley published The William S Club before returning to her earlier work, The Vampire Origins series, which will be published in early 2013.

Riley is now working on Dirty Little Secrets, Book 1 in the Expat Wives series and is also busy penning her memoir of life abroad.



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