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Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo written by Tania McCartney and illustrated by Kieron Pratt

Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo  written by Tania McCartney  and illustrated by Kieron Pratt


Publication Date:  August 2013

ISBN: 9781925000023 HB, 9781925000030 PB

Pages: 32

 Format: Landscape Hardcover & Paperback

Price: AUD $22.95 HC, AUD $16.95 PB

Category: fiction/non-fiction crossover

Age Guide: 6-10



Whilst visiting Canberra, Riley encounters a very jumpy kangaroos that is frantically searching for something she’s lost. Bounding around the iconic sights of Canberra, can this roo finally finds what she’s been looking for?



This is such a wonderful children’s book. It’s something any child would love to hear and look at the amazing pictures. The pictures in the book are a combination of location photographs with illustrations over the top of them.


What makes this book interesting is the fact that that there is so much to look at in the pictures. The characters of Riley and his friends are wonderful and bright. The characters are a great contrast to the photographs they appear in. 


This book really comes at a great time with the Canberra Centenary celebrations.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who has children of their own or is a teacher as I think this book is such a great resource as it really shows what Australia’s Capital City looks like.




About the Author and Illustrator:

Tania McCartney

Tania is an Australian author, editor, publisher, blogger, magazine writer and mango devourer. She is the author of the Riley travelogue series of picture books and has also published adult non-fiction. One of her favourite things in the whole wide world is reading to kids.


Kieron Pratt

Kieron Pratt is a Canberra-based illustrator and cartoonist who has worked on three of the Riley the Little Aviator books and several other children’s picture books. He has spent many years as a storyboard artist for an animation company and has recently been commissioned to redesign the maps for the national zoo. He loved iced coffees and is very good at making people laugh.


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