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Flora's War by Pamela Rushby

Flora’s War by Pamela Rushby


Publisher: Ford Street

Publication Date:  August 2013

ISBN: 9781921665981

Pages: 306 (est)

 Format: B format paperback           

Price: AUD $18.95

Category: Fiction

Age Guide: 11+



It’s 1915 and sixteen-year-old Australian, Flora Wentworth, is visiting Cairo with her archaeologist father. She watches with growing alarm as first a trickle and then a flood of wounded soldiers are shipped into the city from Gallipoli.


Flora’s comfortable life is turned upside down when a hospital visit thrusts her into the realities of World War 1. She is soon transporting injured soldiers and helping out exhausted nurses – managing to fall in love along the way.


As Flora battles to save lives and find her own, a tragic misunderstanding changes everything...



I absolutely loved Flora’s War!!


Flora’s War for me is filled with so much detail and history.  Pamela has written a book full of great power. For me reading about how civilian’s helped out in World War 1 was inspiring and I never imagined how much young women actually did during the war.


It’s a book aimed at young girls and to teach about how civilians, especially women, helped during the First War.

I highly recommend every grade 10 student should read Flora’s War as it really shows the War in a new way. I believe I would have gained more reading this in grade 10 or even grade 6 when we learnt about World War 1 because there was so much depth in the story.

It shows how before the ANZAC’s first went to battle that there wasn’t much for the nurses to do but then once they did enter into the battle so many young men came back injured, diseased or died from their injuries or the diseases they caught.


Pamela you have really made me see the War in a new way and how women young and old did a lot more during the war than I ever first thought.


Thank you for such a beautifully written story. I hope one day to share it with my children as to me it’s more than just a story, it tells of something that happened almost 100 years ago.


Such a fitting tribute for all the young women such as Flora who did so much during World War 1 in Cairo.



About the Author

Pamela Rushby:

Pamela Rushby lives in Brisbane with her husband, son and six visiting scrub turkeys.

Pam has worked in advertising; as a pre-school teacher; and as a writer and producer of educational television, audio and multinmedia.

She has won several awards, including a Literature Board if the Australia Council grant to work on archaeological excavations in Egypt and Joprdan; a Churchill Fellowship to strudy educational television in Canada; the Ethek Turner Prize in the NSW Premier’s Literacy Awards; and a bag of gold coins at a film festival in Iran.

Her website is


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