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Review of Welcome Home by Christina Booth

Welcome Home  - Christina Booth



Publisher: Ford Street          

Publication Date: 1 October 2013 HC, 1 February 2014 PB

ISBN: 9781925000092 PB 9781925000085 HC

Pages: 32 pages

 Format: Portrait Picture book

Price:  AUD $26.95 HC AUD $16.95 PB

Category:  Children’s Fiction

Age Guide: 7 +



Welcome Home is the story of a young boy and a whale as she swims into the river harbour seeking safety and a resolution to the violent past relationship between whales and man. This prosaic journey, accompanied  with soft sketchy watercolour images, reveals how the past can impact our future. Can the boy make amends for the past? Can the whale forgive and return to what was once her ancestor’s home?

Whaling is a horrific image to portray in any literature yet this story offers its history and consequences to children and adults in a gentle, safe way. This story does not avoid the facts but ends with hope and reconciliation, using history to show the consequences of our actions and choices.



This is a really good book to teach primary school children of the effects of whaling. The watercolour images portray the story in a way that children can clearly see and understand.


I really like the last two pages in the book as it is the history of whaling, describes the whales, how the story came about.


This book should be in all schools as it’s a great educator tool to teach children and their families the effects of whaling.




About the Author


Christina Booth:

Christina Booth is an award winning Australian children’s author/illustrator. Four of her picture books have gained CBCA’s Notable Children’s Book Awards. Her picture book, Kip, the story of a crowing rooster living in the city, was awarded a CBCA Honour Book in 2010. Tow of Christina’s illustrated books (In The Deep Red Desert, Angie Lionetto-Civa; The Carrum Sailing Club, Claire Saxby), were selected to be read on ABC’s Playschool program in 2012.


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