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Monster School by DC Green

Monster School by DC Green


Publisher: Ford Street

Publication Date: October 2013

ISBN: 9781925000078

Pages: 291

 Format: paperback

Price: AUD $18.95

Category: Fantasy

Age Guide: 10 +



‘Beware! You are entering The City of Monsters.

All tourists will be eaten. Have a nice day!’


PT, the swamp boy, is terrified. During his first class at Monster School, mafia goblins threaten to murder him. He is saved ... by the meanest monsters in school –

·         A vampire with attitude

·         A socially challenged zombie

·         A giant spider called Bruce!

Now PT is really sweating. If the Dead Gang learns his secret, he’ll spin on a kebab stick before recess, imagine what will happen if the dragon finds out!




I thoroughly enjoyed reading Monster School. It was well written and I also loved the illustration at the beginning of every chapter. The illustrations help bring the book alive and also will encourage young readers to keep reading.


It’s defiantly a book worth reading. Boys will enjoy reading all about PT and his Monster friends.

DC Green really has written a marvellous book to encourage young people to read. I may be well over 10 years old but I did really enjoy it and it would have been something I would have enjoyed reading when I was younger.


There should be more books written to encourage boys to read.


 Being about Monster’s it’s aimed at boys, but I do think girls who are into vampires will be interested in this book too.



About the Author

DC Green:

Surf journalist DC Green has won multiple big awards, had thousands of articles published in over forty countries and roamed the world’s greatest surf spots with the likes of eleven-times world champion Kelly Slater. Children’s author DC Green has won two very small awards, had five children’s novels published in one country and Kelly Slater no longer returns his calls, DC doesn’t mind. he loves motivating even the most reluctant of readers and writers. His school shows, that have toured every Australian state, have been acclaimed as ‘bizarre. Egotistical, enthralling, funny, and not to be missed’, while DC’s humorous fantasy Erasmus James series has been hailed ‘the finest written in the history of English literature about mutants chooks and ninja horses’.


Also by DC Green:

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·         Erasmus James, King of Kid’s Paradise

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