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The Maximus Black Files – The Only Game in the Galaxy by Paul Collins

The Maximus Black Files – The Only Game in the Galaxy by Paul Collins


Publisher: Ford Street

Publication Date: September 2013

ISBN: 9781925000061

Pages: 333

 Format: paperback

Price: AUD $19.95

Category: Science Fiction (space opera)

Age Guide: 12 +



In a galaxy of cutthroat companies, shadowy clans and a million agendas, spy agency RIM barely wields enough control to keep order.

Maximus Black is RIM’s star cadet. But he has a problem. One of RIM’s best agents, Anneke Longshadow, knows there’s a mole in the organisation.

And Maximus has a lot to hide...




An epic finish to a fantastic trilogy!!


Such a thrilling read! Paul has written an exceptional trilogy, and I never imaged so much could happen to both Anneke and Maximus in such a short time.


I highly recommend The Maximus Black Files to any Science Fiction Fan. All school libraries should have many copies for their students to read.


The Maximus Black Files is by far the most advanced Science Fiction read you’ll find. It’s set way into the future. Travelling through the universe is much more advanced than what you see on any episode of Stargate SG1.


It was very exciting to learn more about Maximus Black in this book. More of his history was revealed in The Only Game in the Galaxy than the previous two books.




About the Author

Paul Collins:

Together with Michael Pryor, Paul is the co-editor of the highly successful fantasay series. The Quentaris Chronicles: he has also contributed seven titles to the series as an author. Paul’s other work’s include The Jelindel Chronicles, The Earthborn Wars Trilogy and The World of Grrym trilogy written in collaboration with Danny Willis.

Paul has been the recipient if several awards, notably the inaugural Peter McNamara, the A Bertram Chandler, the Aurealis, and the William Stheling. He has been short-listed for many others inclcuding the Speech Pathology Australia and Ditmar awards.

Paul has worked as a pub bouncer, served time in the commandos, has a black belt in both tae kwon do and ju jitsu, was a kick boxer, and trained with the Los Angeles Hell Drivers.




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